My experiences are about as far from "normal" as it gets...

+ Equally as proficient at wrangling alligators and influencers,
my last job required both, but I'll let you decide which was trickier.
+ Not afraid of spiders which makes me handy for office protection.
+ Made a career out of convincing the internet a 50 something dad
is cool building social media accounts from zero to millions on multiple platforms.
+ Developed a successful brand from concept
to implementation to profitability, before hitting 30.
+ Have the habit of seeing the best in others
and turning obstacles into opportunities.
+ Spent years dodging snake strikes so used to thinking
on my feet and flexible in fast-moving environments. 
I am far from a model, but my husband is cute and he makes me smile. Hopefully he'll make you smile too.
I'd love to work together on a project 
whether it be design, social media management,
business consulting, brand management or art direction. 

Let's chat at
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